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Wooden Mechanical Model - Mechanical Picture

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 Wooden Model Kits Build - Crafts for Hobby Teens Adults Craft Sets - Wooden Puzzles Brain Teaser


Welcome to the universe of 3D mechanical wooden puzzles
Intricately crafted wooden riddle is
not only captivating three-dimensional structure, but a fascinating piece of kinetic art at the
same time.
If you never assemble wooden mechanical model puzzle before, at first sight all these stuff
could seem a bit weird. But any experienced puzzler tells you - the result will be worth the
effort. And, for good reason, mechanical puzzles were popular even in ancient Japan and
Years ago, we discovered the unforgettable world of mechanical wooden puzzle for
ourselves, and fell in love with. Now, they become the part of our everyday life that we would
like to share with you.
What is so special about them, you may ask
Everything, we answer.
We call mechanical model 3-d wooden puzzle in a case if it is assembled like an ordinary
puzzle but looks like a construction and can even move.
No flat pictures anymore. Sharp curves, warm wood, stunning design and intelligent tricks to
assemble, instead.
We craft our 3D puzzle from the certificated plywood using modern laser technologies to
provide the product of high quality. Our customers order 3d mechanical wooden puzzles as a
present for a special occasion. For many families our puzzles became a great parent -child
bonding activity. And assembled, they will compliment your home or personal space as
unique decor.
Things to know if you are new in 3D mechanics wooden
To assemble this riddle, you don’t need any special skills or knowledge. The beauty of 3D
puzzles is that they come with their own instructions.

Don’t consider that the wooden mechanical puzzles for adults only. Yes, there are models
with a high level of difficulty, but we are glad to offer the options suitable for children as well.
To select the easier riddle, choose the kit with less number of details.
Mechanical gears 3d wooden puzzle is a worthwhile pursuit, so be ready to apply all your
intelligence and patience to win this challenge. We believe you can do that!

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3D Wooden Mechanical Model "Mechanical Picture"   Wooden Model Kits Build - Crafts for Hobby Teens Adults Craft Sets - Wooden Puzzles Brain Teaser
$63.99 $79.99

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