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3D Wooden Mechanical Models

3D mechanical puzzles - amazing world of construction

Skillfully carved details, smooth wooden that allure to touch, exciting feeling of adventure ahead…3D mechanical puzzles will change your mind about the boarding games!

Let's get to know more about them

3D mechanical puzzles appeared on the market recently if compared with traditional ones. 

Their feature is that you assemble details in a three-dimensional thing, not a flat picture. Moreover, some of them are able to move in case you assemble them correctly: the wheels turn, gears spin etc.

3D mechanical puzzles became popular quickly because they demonstrate how physics and mechanics laws work. Handful of wooden pieces in your hands suddenly is transformed into a car able to ride or an animal that moves. 

Besides, 3D mechanical puzzles astonish with beauty and diversity of details. While assembling, that could distract your attention or complicate the task. But at the end the result will blow up your mind with its aesthetic.

We make our puzzles of high quality certificated wood. The material is safe for people and nature, and could be totally recycled.


That’s the meditation of special kind

When you dive into the puzzle world, time goes imperceptibly. You sort details, examine each piece attentively, trying to combine them.

 Neither glue nor additional cuts.

Limited number of parts and your brain only.

Puzzles could involve you in process so strong, and you won’t pay any attention to the things around. That’s a wonderful chance to get rest while you entertain and discover something new.

Gradually you get rid of stress effects. Thanks to the exciting search new connections between the brain cells come up, and the memory gets better.

Puzzles make us healthier and smarter in real.


So, if you don’t assemble 3D mechanical puzzles yet, it’s time to start! Choose uncomplicated models for introduction. But if you are experienced PRO, we have something special for you as well!