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Puzzle 3D Wooden Royal Clock - 3D Wooden Mechanical Model Kits - Decor Models Wall Art Mechanical Wooden Clock

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3D Wooden Royal Clock ⏰ - Mechanical Mastery of Time 🕰


  • Type: 3D Wooden Mechanical Model Kit
  • Number of Parts: 156
  • Installation Time: 7 hours
  • Model Dimensions: 875 x 110 x 105mm
  • Package Dimensions: 355 × 240 × 40 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg

Step into the Era of Royal Elegance:

The Royal Clock, adorned with Rococo-style intricacies, is a mechanical masterpiece. From its delicate carvings to the intricate design patterns, this clock evokes memories of regal elegance. It is easy to imagine this beautiful timepiece gracing the walls of royal palaces, marking the passage of time for both kings and lovers alike.

Unique in its functionality, this clock boasts two dials - an hour hand on a quaint smaller dial at the top and a grand minute hand in the center. Its tick-tock brings life into any room for up to 12 hours, giving a gentle reminder of the past's charm in the present.

The true magic of the Royal Clock is in its pendulum design. By placing coins into a special cage, users can adjust the pendulum’s center of gravity, thus changing the time passage. The winding mechanism, reminiscent of timeless cuckoo clocks, adds a final touch of authenticity.

Features to Adore:

  • ⭐ Dual dials for hours and minutes
  • ⭐ Pendulum’s bob cage for coin-adjusted time calibration
  • ⭐ 12-hour room-filling ticking sound
  • ⭐ Cuckoo-like chain winding mechanism

Every detail, every line, every function of the Royal Clock speaks of refined taste and intricate craftsmanship. It’s not just a model kit; it’s a historical journey and a conversation starter. Gift it to a loved one or grace your own walls with this piece of art.

Bring the aura of royalty to your home. Let elegance speak for itself. Add the 3D Wooden Royal Clock to your collection TODAY!

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Puzzle 3D Wooden Royal Clock - 3D Wooden Mechanical Model Kits - Decor Models Wall Art Mechanical Wooden Clock
$59.00 $79.00

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